The Sacks Group has been strengthening small businesses for more than 25 years.
"A leader can’t blow an uncertain horn."
Father Theodore Hesburgh
The Sacks Group is dedicated to preventing small-business failure
Company founded to help small businesses beat the odds


Richard J. Sacks founded The Sacks Group Inc. in St. Charles County, Mo., in 1985, after moving from New York, where he spent 20 years working as an accountant, auditor and chief financial officer for three Fortune 500 companies.

He moved to St. Louis to help design and implement a new accounting system for a Fortune 50 company. But he soon realized a growing need among small-business owners for accountancy and bookkeeping services.

1985: The Sacks Group began as a full-service financial, tax, administrative and data-processing company for small businesses but evolved into a comprehensive small-business consulting firm. After working on the financial side of big and small companies, Richard developed a keen understanding of the unique challenges that small businesses face in order to survive. He began sharing his perspectives with his small-business clients in the form of strategic planning, risk evaluation and problem solving.

2006: Realizing the profound failure rate among small businesses and having a concern for people who risk their lifesavings on a dream, Richard took a hiatus from his hectic work schedule to write a book which outlined the practical, yet often elusive, information that small-business owners need to start and run a business. In 2006, Richard captured a lifetime of observation and consultation in a 140-page book "The XII Commandments for Small Businesses; A Practical Guide to Beating The Odds."

2007: In 2007, Richard began offering the "Incubator Plus" program, a community-based in-depth educational program for small businesses in order to prevent small-business failure. The "Incubator Plus" program included a basic training course on the practice of each commandment in "XII Commandments for Small Businesses."

2009: In 2009, Hollander & Associates L.L.C., a personal and small-business financial management company, merged with The Sacks Group to offer an expanded variety of small-business and personal services.

Also in 2009, The Sacks Group identified three specific needs in the community resulting from one of the largest economic downturns in history.

  • As the unemployment rate grew in St. Louis and surrounding areas, The Sacks Group realized that entrepreneurialism was one way to create immediate and sufficient employment. The company developed The Matterhorn Project, an accurate, practical and private entrepreneurial training program for startup businesses, concentrating on the execution of new business operations rather than theory.
  • The economic hardship faced by many existing small businesses created the need to formalize a survival course to keep small businesses alive. The Lighthouse Project was developed as a continuation of the high-quality problem-solving, bookkeeping and counseling services that The Sacks Group has offered for the past 25 years.
  • And as families began finding it harder to make ends meet, The Compass Project was created for personal financial budget counseling and consumer debt elimination.


Our mission is to provide expert knowledge and an uncommon level of commitment to assist small businesses and individuals to achieve their financial goals. We have genuinely high values for service, integrity and accountability.


  • 2004 Small Business Person of the Year – This award was granted to Richard Sacks for demonstrating a high quality of personal commitment to the fostering and cultivating of small businesses within St. Charles County through his personal dedication and active leadership.
  • 2007 Lifetime Distinguished Service Award–Humanitarian – This award was given to Richard Sacks to recognize his outstanding accomplishments in the area of promoting human welfare and community assistance.
  • 50 Over 50 Community Shapers Award – This award acknowledged Richard Sacks for playing an instrumental role in shaping the community and being exceptionally influential in the development of St. Charles County.

Why Us

Our staff's fields of study include business administration, accounting, economics, finance and education. Combined, we have over a century of practical, hands-on experience in management, accounting systems, financial analysis, data processing, taxation, organization design and human resource development. As Dave Ramsey-certified financial counselors, we have mastered these skills, and our goal is to share them with you.

Beyond degrees and education, experience has been our best teacher. As entrepreneurs, we practice what we preach and work only with small businesses. We are uniquely qualified as well as totally dedicated to making your small business succeed.

The Sacks Group, which has been managing financial and accounting services for small businesses since 1985, is fully bonded and insured. Our impeccable reputation for financial management services comes from our sound financial management principles and accuracy.

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