The Sacks Group provides in-depth, practical educational seminars designed to prevent small- business failure.
"Even the right decision is wrong if it is made too late"
Lee Iacocca
The Sacks Group provides small businesses practical skills and knowledge through seminars
Seminars found to be invaluable to participants


With decades of experience and over a century of combined financial and performance counseling for small businesses, The Sacks Group team conducts periodic seminars on current business issues essential to their survival. The seminars vary in length but hit the same basic survival topics found in the book "The XII Commandments for Small Businesses; A Practical Guide to Beating The Odds" by Richard Sacks.

Seminar topics include:

  • Improving Employee Productivity
  • Responding to Changing Markets
  • Understanding Your Banker
  • Finding the Correct Form of Organization for You Business
  • Managing Staff Effectively
  • Disciplining Your Company's Finances
  • Establishing Strong Credit Relationships
  • Exploring the Lifecycle of an Entrepreneur
  • Learning Best Selling Practices
  • Finding Your Advertising Balance

Package Seminars:

  • Business Stability Quotient (Length: 45 or 60 min.)
  • XII Commandments for Small Business (Length: 60, 90, 120 min. or half-day)

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Presentation Clients

The following is a sample list of clients who helped their membership stay in business utilizing The Sacks Group seminars:

  • The Greater North County Chamber of Commerce
  • O'Fallon Rotary
  • St. Charles Sunshine Rotary
  • Creve Coeur Olivette Chamber of Commerce
  • Town & Country Chamber of Commerce
  • St. Charles Chamber of Commerce
  • O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce


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