We have the best clients! We appreciate their business and their kind words. Our clients tend to feel like family after a while. It just makes us love what we do that much more.
"Even the right decision is wrong if it is made too late"
Lee Iacocca
The Sacks Group is dedicated to preventing small-business failure
Company founded to help small businesses beat the odds
100% Attention
"The Sacks Group is cooperative, thorough and knowledgeable. They give 100% attention and great performance on our work."
Carl – SCORE (an organization that provides support to small-business owners)
Got Us on Our Feet and In Our New Home
"Before I got help I was living paycheck to paycheck and not really looking at the whole picture. What I mean by that I wasn't looking at bills, disposable cash, retirement, and debt. I was basically paying off bills but not setting a side any money to help me with retirement or past debt (late bills). Melissa helped me out and got me a monthly budget, help set up multipe checking accounts for bills and disposable income, got me looking at everything in a monthly manner not paycheck to paycheck. Without her help I know I would be living in an apartment wasting money or still living at home with my extended family. I can't thank her enough to help get me and my family on our feet and in our new home. Thanks Melissa for your help."
Mandy – new home owner
Quality Exceeds Expectations
"Your quality of work exceeds my expectation. I feel you respect me personally as well as the needs of my business. You are organized and go above and beyond anyone else who has tried to help me with my bookkeeping needs. You completely wrapped your arms around my business and taught me how to see my business correctly. I trust and know that you have completely done everything to help save my business and keep it running efficiently."
Kelly—small-business owner
Taught Me Stewardship
The Sacks Group "has taught me stewardship for God's money and has given me a closer walk with Jesus Christ."
Andrew – personal service
Doers Who Get the Job Done
"I'm not a big fan of the word try. It carries a lot of baggage, including doubt, hedging, and fear of failure. Do is another story – it's filled with promise, belief, and a firm commitment to make it happen. NOTE: DOers are 10 times more successful than TRYers when it comes to starting a business. Several months ago, I had the good fortune to meet Dick Sacks and Mark Hollander of The Sacks Group in St. Charles, MO. These guys are DOers to the max. Dick is author of 'The XII Commandments for Small Business,' and his firm works with small-business owners to accelerate learning and guide them in making savvy decisions as to where they spend their time and their money. Dick Sacks has an unmatched 25-year-long track record of success in helping entrepreneurs drive amazing results. February is an exciting time for The Sacks Group, as they introduce The Matterhorn Project, an 18-month business apprenticeship program where aspiring entrepreneurs receive expert coaching, engage in critical education and network building sessions, and fine tune their business plans to launch successful business ventures. Phases 1 & 2 span six months and focuses on preparation and strategy. Phase 3 is show time, aka – your first 12 months in business. I have examined hundreds of business start-up programs, and The Matterhorn Project is by far as good as it gets. It's outstanding, both for the quality of learning/coaching and for the depth of support. Two out of every three business start-ups fail. Signing up for the Matterhorn Project is like taking out an insurance policy to give yourself every chance of beating the odds and creating a thriving and profitable business venture. This program will launch in the St. Louis area, but plans are underway to bring The Matterhorn Project to other cities."
Donna Kastner – Retirepreneur!
A Total Changed Perspective
"Thank you, and remember what you have done for us is extraordinary! We truly mean it!!! You have totally changed the way we look at money and our bills! We are truly indebted to you! We from now on will be trying to look at everything with you in the back of our minds letting us know, 'Do we truly need to buy that,' 'Is it in our BUDGET?' etc. I hope you can read this and SMILE and then pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Thanks again, and I will let you when we both can run by to see you and pick up our things. "
Victoria – Compass Project client
Learning Beyond The Classroom
"I learned more than in many of my college courses."
Sam Harris – Harris Westplex Transportation
Straight-Forward, Head-On Discussion
"Great advice for everyone thinking of staring a new business. A straight-forward, head-on discussion of basic issues most entrepreneurs don't think about."
Maria Guadalupe Taxman – former board member, U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Excellent Resource for Owners, Managers
"This book is an excellent resource for owners and managers of all businesses, but especially of small and medium enterprises (SME). It is full of concepts and statements that seem to be simplistic but are most often not given sufficient importance and consideration. Mr. Sacks has a way of simplifying and clarifying issues that are pivotal to business success but that frequently are overlooked, ignored, misunderstood or regarded as too complex to apply to a small company."
Jane H. McNeil – International Consultant to SMEs and Banks Lending to SMEs
Great Minds
"Great ideas. I wish I had heard these before I opened my business!"
Joe Mikes – Zipp Center – Mailbox Rentals
Fantastic Teacher
"Richard Sacks is a fantastic teacher and makes running a business a lot less scary."
Bart Niedner – Resource Forge L.L.C.
Easy and Fun
"It's easy to read and fun. The humor made the subjects a joy to read."
Scott Newcomer – Jake's On Main
A Must Read
"I learned more from 'The XII Commandments for Small Business' than I have in 18 years of being in business. Anyone who is thinking of running, or is already running, a small business needs to read this book."
Lloyd V. Brown – Brown Heating & Air Conditioning Service
A Must Read
"I was in your business class last year in Chesterfield. … Thanks to all that I learned in your class, a new business is building in our family!"
Sandra – XII Commandments student
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