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"The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; the pessimist fears this is true."
James Canbell
The Twelve Commandmends for Small Business
Book: The Twelve Commandmends for Small Business
Author: Richard J. Sacks
No small business ever fails because the owner runs out of money. Small businesses fail because the owner runs out of time. This is your practical guide to organizing and managing a small business for success.
A Guide to Practical Business Planning
Book: A Guide to Practical Business Planning
Author: Richard J. Sacks
Trying to write a business plan but can't quite get started? Hereís the planning guide you've been looking for. It walks you through the business planning process in easy to understand steps that make common sense to people who don't do business plans everyday. Practical Business Planning isolates the policy decisions you must make and the research you must do in order to bring your dream to reality. By the time you complete the included worksheets, you will have answered every question anyone can ask you about your vision. When you have too many pieces to your puzzle, this approach will help you to sort them out and create a roadmap for you to follow your own personal yellow brick road!
XII Mousepad
XII Mousepad $12.00
The Twelve Commandments for Small BusinessTM is all about business fundamentals. If you follow all of them (there are actually thirteen) you will have achieved the discipline and best practices necessary to have a chance for success. Why not have a convenient reminder near you at all times? Our mousepad allows you to do precisely that. Itís great for you to have and for your employees too. It canít hurt for every computer user in your business to have a gentle reminder. None of us practice all of them all the time, but remembering the goal makes it easier to achieve!
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